Get overview of distinct values in dataset

The code below will make distinct values of all the variables in a dataset and list them besides each other for a better overview.

Copy .sas files (program files) with SAS

The code below copies all the SAS-programs (*.sas) files in a directory to another directory. This solution should be used if you don’t want to use an OS-command that copies the files. Using an OS-command is a lot easier and doesn’t require as much code. But of course depends on the OS your running on. This solution is OS independent.


Execute OS-command

The code below executes a OS-command in a nice and easy fashion. It also returns the returncode (rc) for the execution of the command in the OS-environment.


Commenting in SAS

I think the best way to start a SAS-program is to do a comment as described by the template below.

Comments should also be done above each datastep or procedure, And changes to the programs should be contained in a versioning system eg like Subversion (SVN).If you do not have a versioning system, then I think the comments should be something like the comments below.