Automatically analyzing and documenting SAS-code

In SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS-DI you have the possibility to analyze the code for a SAS-program.

The picture below shows the Analyze Program option in SAS Enterprise Guide.

Analyzing the code should result in a conversion of the SAS-code to a SAS Enterprise Guide flow or SAS-DI flow. But none of these code analyzers are very good. Depending on the complexity of the SAS-code you put into the analyzer, they will leave you with a more or less successful conversion. And more times than not they will fail at doing the job.

But SAS comes with a procedure PROC SCAPROC that does a really good job at analyzing and documenting SAS-code.

Below is an example.

proc scaproc;
record '<PATH>' attr expandmacros;
proc scaproc;

The links below gives you further descriptions of PROC SCAPROC and its options. There’s also a guide on how to do a graphical presentation of the result fra PROC SCAPROC.

Overview of the SCAPROC Procedure

Program for parsing the output from PROC SCAPROC to create a data set with inputs and outputs.

Innovative Performance Improvements Through Automated Flowcharts In SAS

Automatically create diagrams showing the structure and performance of your SAS code

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  1. That seems impressive. Thanks for your posts. I pin your blog in my shortcuts, and I’ll have to explore your SAS category, I bet…

    To be honnest, I found this post while looking for solutions to automatically document Stored Processes which are saved in metadata server.
    Would you have a good start point for me ?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, I haven’t got a starting point for you. I hope others reading this post is able to help you.

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