Parallel execution in SAS

The example below shows one way to do parallel execution of SAS sessions. In the example below two SAS sessions is started in parallel and a third is executed depending on the result of the two session.

Gets the path of the main SAS program that is executed.

%macro GetSASProgramPath;

 %let SASProgramPath = %GetSASProgramPath;
%put &SASProgramPath;

Starts the first SAS session. %syslput makes it possible to give the SAS session a macrovariable from the main program. In this case it is the path for the SAS program being executed.
wait=no tells SAS not to wait for the SAS session to end before starting the next SAS session.
%sysrput makes it possible to return a macrovariable from a SAS session to the main SAS program. In this cause it whether or not the SAS session executed with og without errors.

option sascmd = “sas”;
signon remote = OneSes;
%syslput _SASProgramPath = &SASProgramPath;
rsubmit process = OneSes wait=no;
 %include “&_SASProgramPath\<SOME PROGRAM.SAS>”;
 %sysrput FirstSessionError = &syscc;

Starts the second SAS session.

option sascmd = “sas”;
signon remote = TwoSes;
%syslput _SASProgramPath = &SASProgramPath;
rsubmit process = TwoSes wait=no;
%include “&_SASProgramPath\<SOME PROGRAM.SAS>”;
%sysrput SecondSessionError = &syscc;

The statement below waits for the two sessions above to finnish and executes a SAS program if the two sessions did not fail.

waitfor OneSes TwoSes;
signoff OneSes;
signoff TwoSes;
%macro FinalRun;
%if &FirstSessionError < 5 and &SecondSessionError < 5 %then %do;
%put –== No Errors ==–;
%include “&_SASProgramPath\<SOME PROGRAM.SAS>”;

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