Below is shown how you can extract the current SVN revision number for a given path into SAS and use it in your SAS program.

/* The path for your SAS-program(s) that is versioned in SVN. */
%let sysin=F:\MySASPrograms\TestProgram;
/* The path for the SVN program SubWCRev.exe. This is the default path, your path could be different. */
%let SubWCRev=C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin\SubWCRev.exe;
%put &sysin;

filename svnver pipe "call ""&SubWCRev"" ""&sysin"" ";

data _null_;
infile svnver;
/* The output is in three different lines. */
put _n_ _infile_;
/* Puts the three different output lines in three diffent macrovariables called svnver1, svnver2 and svnver3. */
call symput('svnver' !! put(_n_,1.), _infile_);

You can now use the three diffent macrovariables called svnver1, svnver2 and svnver3 in your program.

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