Signon to remote SAS

Below is an example of how you can signon to a remote SAS-server and execute SAS-commands.

/* Insert the name of the server that you want to connect to and the number of the port. It is usually 7551. The portnumber is the where your local SAS for the SAS/CONNECT service on the remote machine. */
%let remote=<Your server> 7551;
/* Gets your userid from the system and prompts you for your password when connecting. */
options comamid=tcp remote=remote; signon remote user=&sysuserid passwd=_prompt_;

/* Makes a libname for your workdirectory on the remote server. */
libname remtwork slibref=work server=remote;

/* The macro below is executed on the remote server and creates a libname for a userfolder on the remote server. The userfolder hos to have the same name as the macro &sysuserid. */
%macro UserLib;
%let user = %sysfunc(substr(&sysuserid,4));
libname &user.Lib “f:\users\&sysuserid”;
options compress=binary;

/* This creates a local libname that points to the user libname on the remote server. */
%let user = %sysfunc(substr(&sysuserid,4));
libname &user.Lib slibref=&user.Lib server=remote;