Info about SAS-datasets in the WORK-library

In SAS Enterprise Guide it is not very easy to see the size and number of observations in datasets in the WORK-library.

The macro below looks in the DICTIONARY.TABLES and gets these info for the WORK-library. Be aware that it will not work for views, because it’s not doing and actual count of the SAS-datasets.

Author        : 
Creation date : 
Description   : Gets info about datasets in the WORK-library.
Example       : %countwork(print);
&print        : If not empty it will do a PROC PRINT of the dataset WORKDS created
                by the macro.
WORKDS        : Contains information about the datasets in the WORK-library.
%macro CountWork(print);
          proc sql;
                   create table workds as
                             select    libname
                                                , memname
                                                , typemem
                                                , nobs format=commax10.0
                                                , filesize format=sizekmg.
                                                , nvar
                             from dictionary.tables
                             where libname eq 'WORK'
                             order by nobs
          %if &print. ne %then
                   proc print data=workds;