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Info about SAS-datasets in the WORK-library

In SAS Enterprise Guide it is not very easy to see the size and number of observations in datasets in the WORK-library.

The macro below looks in the DICTIONARY.TABLES and gets these info for the WORK-library. Be aware that it will not work for views, because it’s not doing and actual count of the SAS-datasets.


Delete orphan SAS Work-directories on Windows

The code below will delete orphan Work-directories made by SAS. It isn’t always possible for SAS do delete a Work-directory when the SAS-session ends. These Work-directories will take up space on the computer.

The solution is heavily inspired by this – with some minor tweaks and ajustments. It works on Windows XP. Other Windows operating system might not work do to the fact that it uses tasklist.exe to retrieve information about the current running tasks. And other Windows operation systems might have other commands that does this and the output might be a bit different – if that is the case, you need to ajust the macro GetTaskList.

SAS has also made a solution that deletes orphans Work-directories. It’s a part of your SAS-installation, if you choose to install it. It uses the Clean Manager that is build into Windows and can be scheduled through the Windows Task Scheduler. Information about this can be found here.